Abstract Submission


Please submit the abstract for your proposed presentation below on this page. The organizing committee will select abstracts and group them into a series of panels, which will meet in parallel during two break-out sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: We request that your presentation not duplicate any material you are presenting at the ASA meeting! Please take the opportunity to try out new material and fresh ideas. In addition, please be aware that we will also be featuring a poster session at the mini-conference. If your presentation is better suited to a poster session, please await further information. We welcome submissions on any topic related to the sociology of science, knowledge, and technology. Possible themes include, but are not limited to:

  • The history of SKAT as a subfield of sociological inquiry
  • The future of SKAT as a subfield of sociological inquiry
  • The use of theory in SKAT studies
  • Methodological issues in SKAT studies
  • Intersections and tensions between SKAT and STS
  • The ontological turn
  • Globalization, postcolonialism, and SKAT studies
  • Big data and SKAT studies
  • SKAT approaches to health, biomedicine, and pharmacy
  • Non-traditional SKAT topics
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Classification and standardization
  • Activism and the making of publics
  • Biosociality and biocitizenship
  • The (re)making of race and ethnicity
  • Gender, sexuality, and technoscience
  • Science, technology, and education
  • Innovation and technoscientific imaginaries
  • Environmental studies
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Power and science
  • Health social movements
  • Science, technology, and the body
  • Alternative knowledge systems
  • Places and sites of knowledge production

For more information or in case of difficulties with this website, please contact Kellie Owens at owenske3@gmail.com.