The mini-conference will be held at the Prentice Women’s Hospital 3rd Floor Conference Center, 250 E. Superior St., Chicago, IL 60611 (part of Northwestern University’s Downtown Campus). The venue is 1.3 miles from the Palmer House and 1.8 miles from the Hilton Chicago (the two sites of the ASA meeting). We encourage attendees simply to arrive at their ASA hotel a night early on Thursday, August 20, and walk, take public transportation, or take a taxi to the mini-conference.

The building can be entered from either E. Superior St. or E. Chicago Ave., 1.5 blocks east of Michigan Ave. Proceed to the third floor by elevator or escalator and look for the SKAT 25 registration table. The building and all conference rooms are wheelchair accessible.


Please have exact change of $2.25.

A useful mobile app for Chicago transit schedules is “Transit Tracks.”

From the Palmer House Hotel, you may:

  • Take the 855 bus from Monroe & Wabash to Michigan & Superior (9 min. on bus, 7 min. walking)
  • Take the 3 bus or 26 bus from Michigan & Monroe to Chicago & Fairbanks (13 min. on bus, 6 min. walking)
  • Take the 151 bus from Dearborn & Monroe to Michigan & Huron (11 min. on bus, 8 min. walking)

From the Hilton, you may:

  • Take the 26 bus from Balbo & Michigan to Chicago & Fairbanks (16 min. on bus, 4 min. walking)
  • Take the 3 bus from Michigan & 8th Street to Chicago & Fairbanks (19 min. on bus, 3 min. walking)


Registrants will be provided with continental breakfast, a morning snack, lunch, an afternoon snack, and a closing reception. Vegetarian alternatives will be available.

For more information or in case of difficulties with this website, please contact Kellie Owens at owenske3@gmail.com.